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Thursday, 19 February 2015

What has Angelo been doing, Oracle Marketplace and how important it is to ISV partners

About two years ago my role changed from focusing on Fusion Middleware enablement to SaaS Integration enablement. Simply put my team started looking at how to get partners integrated with our SaaS applications (SalesCloud - CRM, HCM, ERP ) using PaaS where needed and more recently also looking at the pure PaaS enablement model.

The market is growing and we now have an enterprise app store aimed at partners where they can host their apps and integrations. Checkout this video recently released featuring my VP, Sanjay Sinha, where he explains the ISV partner eco-system, how its changing the way we do business and the key benefits for ISV and OEM partners.


Friday, 13 February 2015

Snippet : How to query the salescloud users username in groovy and in EL

Ive decided to create a new category called "Snippets" to capture small chunks of information which might be useful to other people

In Groovy
// Get the security context
def secCtx = adf.context.getSecurityContext()
// Check if user has a given role
if (secCtx.isUserInRole('MyAppRole')) {
  // get the current user's name
  def user = secCtx.getUserName()
  // Do something if user belongs to MyAppRole

In a EL Expression