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Monday, 13 April 2015

Scheduling Processes on Oracle JavaCloud Service SaaS Extensions (JCSSX)

In the past if we wanted to schedule some background processing in JCSSX we had to get help from the database's scheduler.. Using a clever feature of SchemaDB, that is the ability to call a REST Service from a PLSQL procedure, which in turn would execute our code on JCSSX we were able to effectively execute code on JCSSX at determined intervals/times etc.

All this is now unnecessary!

With the current version of  JCSSX we now fully support a list of 3rd party frameworks (see link for a list) and Quartz is one of them.

Jani, colleague from the Fusion Developer Relations team, has written up a really nice blog posting on the FADevrel blog summarising what you can do with Quartz and some code to get you started..You could say "Quartz in 10mins" blog!

Check it out 

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