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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Smart watches in the enterprise?

Although smart watches have been around for a couple of years (Sony had a v1 2+yrs ago, Pebble, Samsung gear, Google wear etc) now that Apple is poised to deliver its iWatch the worlds gone crazy about them.. or has it?? Personally I'm still struggling to identify the “killer” SmartWatch App where I would start to wear a watch again (I stopped wearing watches the day I discovered my Nokia mobile had a clock).. One area which I totally “get” is Healthcare.. In that the watch/wearable device can monitor my steps, heart-rate, stress levels (skin resistance) etc… but what about the enterprise???
Anyway, some friends of mine at Oracle HQ (Jeremy & Ultan) have done some awesome R&D in this area, gotten hold of some watches, prototyped some ideas and come up with some compelling ideas.. ..
Is “glancing” and “glance-able” apps the game changer?? You decide..

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